The M211 Decoy was developed for the United States Army under the Suite of Integrated Infrared Countermeasures (SIIRCM) Program to protect Army Helicopters against Man Portable Air Defense systems (MANPAD) and air-to-air missile threats worldwide. The M211 utilizes Special Material (SM), Alloy Surfaces’ proprietary patented technology, to emit IR energy to decoy missiles. The M211 can be used in conjunction with other advanced decoys for a more robust cocktail solution against advanced missiles. The M211 may be employed from the ALE-4X Series dispensers as well as advanced dispensers capable of carrying 1x1x8 decoys. It contains no pyrotechnics other than a BBU-35B or M796 impulse cartridge required to expel the SM from the flare casing. Once expelled the SM reacts with oxygen to rapidly oxidize and generate an IR signature. However, the temperature in considerably lower than MTV and SM is extremely safe to handle.
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