Flare DSTL 22


This 1x1 Flare has an advanced payload and is intended to be used in aircraft countermeasures systems to combat advanced third generation heat-seeking missiles employing rate-bias discrimination techniques. An Impulse Cartridge is fitted during manufacture of the flare and provides the means of ejecting the payload. The Flare can be housed in a multiple shot magazine as fitted to countermeasures dispensing sets such as AN/ALE 40,45,47 series, M130/M147, MBDA, Terma, MES, Rokar, SAAB Avitronics and Thales systems.

The Flare Countermeasure DSTL 22 is a direct fit, form, and function to all other 1x1 flares and is suited to helicopter, small transport and small fighter aircraft. As well as offering protection against advanced threats, it provides improved performance, reliability and safety by means of the a sequenced initiation device.

Flare DSTL 22 Datasheet

Flare DSTL 22
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