Inert Smoke Grenades for Airforce

During this year’s Avalon Airshow, members from the Royal Australian Air Force 4 Sqn enquired into Inert Smoke Grenades. 4 Sqn is located at RAAF Base Williamtown NSW and is tasked with providing air support for training Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTAC) prior to their overseas deployment with Special Forces.
The concept is for the JTAC member, from a forward position on the ground, to guide the aircraft onto a target area. The pilot is then instructed to drop a live smoke grenade onto the target. The ‘marked’ target is then visible for attack by other Airforce assets such as F-18s.

Due to fire restrictions over the summer months, the Squadrons pre-deployment training and use of live grenades on ranges in Australia has been restricted. The concept of using inert grenades is being developed to enable the JTAC training to continue without the possibility of starting fires.

Presently the task is on hold due to RAAF engineering constraints involving the release racks under the aircraft.