Chemring Australia is a leading developer and manufacturer of high quality military pyrotechnics, offering a comprehensive suite of pyrotechnic stores that can be used for signaling in operation/theatre or training scenarios and a range of highly effective visible and IR illumination devices.

Signalling: Smokes, Flares and IR markers
Signal Cartridges: Provide a bright signal for ground and sea operations
Miniflare: Compact launching system for a range of effects including: pinpoint location, aircraft warn-off signals, personal survival and as a less lethal warning device.
Hand-fired Rocket: provides high intensity signaling at a greater height and range than a miniflare
Coloured Smoke Grenades: for use in military training operations ground-to-air and ground-to-ground signaling; marking of landing and drop zones; wind speed and direction indicators; search and rescue markets.


Tripflares: Enable combat troops in forward areas to; Illuminate infiltrating enemy forces; protect camps, bridges, frontiers and depot stores; illuminate prohibited areas and ambush positions; and provide Front Edge of Battle Areas security.
Rocket Hand-fired Para Illumination: For use in any situation where illumination is required. The rocket can be fired at varying elevations depending on user requirements and is suitable for identification and engagement, and internal security and counter-insurgency operations

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