When military or civilian lives are endangered, their last resort cannot let them down. Whether they are armed forces, rescue services, merchant shipping, fishing fleets or recreational sailors, personnel and civilians put their trust in Chemring products to their rescue.

Practice makes perfect and our products bring battlefield or urban warfare conditions to life with realistic simulation to help your personnel be as prepared as possible when they go into areas of conflict. We are a leading supplier of high quality military and marine pyrotechnics to meet the demanding requirements of defence, law enforcement operators and civilians within Australia and all over the world with:

  • Smokes and flares
  • Line throwers
  • Smoke payloads
  • Distraction and screening grenades
  • Markers 
  • Battlefield simulation products
  • Battlefield illumination
  • Incendiary devices
  • Impulse cartridges and cartridge actuated devices


Our Australian designed and manufactured 'Ascend' range of pyrotechnics includes coloured signalling smoke and Incendiary grenades, illuminating and IR trip flares and electrically initiated devices. This expanding range of products meets the demanding requirements of the Australian and overseas armed forces. We are a leading supplier or a full range of cartridge-actuated and propellant-actuated devices used in military and civil aircraft egress and emergency systems.

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